Furniture Design
Oly Night Collection is inspired by the movements of the person. The flexion of the materials follows the curves of the human body. The elements vary according to the needs, make up a game, adapting to personal taste.
The desire is to offer the traditional quality of rest in a contemporary key, allowing you to set up comfortable and modern spaces.
The furnishings are conceived as small architectures, to give shape to a place where you can stay, sleep, rest, love.
The collection, designed in collaboration with Pietro Comaschi, was born from the idea of ​​recovering primitive sensations related to rest through a contemporary mood, based on ergonomics, tranquility, and safety, offering an alternative way of experiencing the space dedicated to rest. The user develops an emotional connection with the furnishing elements, which become a representation of the person, thanks to the possibility of being able to intervene directly on the various objects, changing their shape, according to needs, tastes or moods. In fact, the container furniture is made up of parts that can be moved or rotated through simple gestures, and by changing their conformation, they are able to give different personalities to the environment. A design that starts from sensations, which follows the atmosphere to arrive at forms capable of conveying an idea of ​​"sleeping" that restores dignity to rest, which today, in contemporary society, is increasingly underestimated and often forgotten. Oly Night Collection becomes a stimulator of events, of actions that go beyond simply sleeping. They are no longer objects or tools, but evocators of space and behaviour, postures, and gestures, and therefore of lifestyles.

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